This is not a Dating App

If we can make it easier for people all over the world to cross the border and support each other more collaboratively, we believe a better world will be created.

Expanding such a new lifestyle that has never existed before is the mission of Kizuner.

Live with Humanity

Money is the main cause of the problems in this world. There are pollution, wars, conflicts, and many other problems. If many people in the world use the app, we may be able to solve these problems and give this world peace.

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Improve your skills and find your new self

A lot of new experiences with Kizuner will build your personality and improve your skills. You can find a new self that you have never realized you had before by overcoming new challenges. We provide the opportunities for all to improve the quality of life.

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Comments from Our
Honorable Users

John EricSophieLinhTyler
  • John

    I feel extremely happy to be one of the Kizauner family. Now I don't struggle any more to finding good mates around me, who can play guitars for my clubs.


    The Star
  • Eric

    I wondered why there wasn't such an app until now. It's very handy and I found friends to go surfing with on holidays. It's great to join home parties and eat home cooked meals with the Kizuna I got from teaching surfing.


  • Sophie

    Kizuner helped me to find an assistant. She is also interested in photography and we have a win-win relationship. We are looking forward to the growth of this app.


  • Linh

    After moving home with this app, I became a heavy user. I wasn't expecting to find friends in such a new place so easily. I won't be bored anymore.


  • Tyler

    After retiring, my wife and I started traveling. Making local friends everywhere with this app and enjoying international exchanges. Thank you for all the great opportunities.